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Welcome to MikheilMusic.com, where the art of music comes to life through the vision and talent of our founder and producer, Mikheil Rusishvili.

Our Founder – Mikheil Rusishvili

Mikheil Rusishvili is a visionary music producer and entrepreneur with a passion for creating and sharing exceptional music experiences. With a rich background in music production and a deep love for various genres, Mikheil has dedicated his life to crafting captivating and innovative sounds that resonate with audiences around the world.

Mikheil’s journey in the music industry has been marked by dedication, creativity, and a relentless pursuit of musical excellence. His commitment to his craft has earned him a reputation as a dynamic and versatile producer, known for pushing the boundaries of what music can achieve. Whether it’s composing, arranging, or producing, Mikheil Rusishvili is a driving force in the world of music, always seeking to create sonic landscapes that captivate and inspire.

At MikheilMusic.com, we’re committed to sharing the artistic brilliance of Mikheil Rusishvili with music lovers and enthusiasts alike. Our website is a platform where you can explore Mikheil’s portfolio, discover his latest works, and connect with a community of individuals who share a deep appreciation for the magic of music.

Our Mission

Our mission at MikheilMusic.com is to foster a creative environment that celebrates the power of music as an art form. We believe in the ability of music to transcend language, culture, and boundaries, uniting people from all walks of life. With Mikheil Rusishvili at the helm, we strive to provide you with a musical experience that is as diverse and inspiring as the world itself.

What We Offer

At MikheilMusic.com, you’ll find a variety of musical creations, from soulful compositions to high-energy tracks, each one meticulously crafted by Mikheil Rusishvili. We’re committed to bringing you the very best in music, allowing you to explore, enjoy, and connect with the essence of sound in all its forms.

Connect With Us

We invite you to join us on this musical journey. Follow us on our website and social media channels to stay updated on our latest releases, projects, and collaborations. Share in our passion for music and be part of a community that cherishes the art of sound.

Thank you for visiting MikheilMusic.com. We hope you find inspiration and joy in the music we create, and we look forward to sharing the magic of sound with you. Together, let’s celebrate the incredible world of music that Mikheil Rusishvili has brought to life.


The MikheilMusic.com Team